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Saturday, January 24, 2009;

when our lips are pressed against each other,
it is a feeling like none other.

the only word to describe today's shopping: exhilarating

i spent all the remaining money i had without a care.
french manicure,faux lashes,oriental halter neck,mommy's top,cny goods, air brush tattoo
its been long since i experienced this exhilaration. : D

chinatown was madness. i guess it was only short of becoming a stampede. id be the first to die if it really happened.

XOXO,; 12:11 PM

Tuesday, January 06, 2009;

oh my fucking god.
i guess this is how it feels when im worn out. my eyelids are drooping down as i try to muster all the remaining energy i have to type and finish up all the handicrafts. these few days have been crazy, all the late nights and hectic daytime has drained all my energy away.
the mind is stronger than the body, hopefully.

anyway, i love my boyfriend.
but i love it more when i twist his fingers during wrestling.
its quite fun actually.


XOXO,; 8:38 AM

Friday, December 19, 2008;

dont know whats wrong with all the people.zzz.. are they so bored as to frequent my wordpress?it makes me feel abit uncomfortable that people i dont know are reading up about me. kinda creepy!

today wasnt a good day for me, emotionally. i felt pretty bad until i teared abit as i was typing an email on my office desk.however i cant pen this down, & neither can i find someone to share this with.

ill be able to figure a way out hopefully.
i can manage this, like always. i know ill be fine.

this emotional burden weighs on my shoulder. when i can let it down & be void of the constant worry & sadness that fills the very corners of my heart?

i gave out a sigh, but not of relief.
till another wave of emotion slaps me, ill blog again at this blogspot. goodbye

XOXO,; 7:22 AM

Monday, December 15, 2008;

botak is a stalker,
i have to be wary.

XOXO,; 7:21 AM


hellos,apparently there are people still checking out this blogspot. :D
anyway, i guess few people will be visiting this blog, so i can rant and rave here without much worries. the few of you can be my audience.

i care about what people say about me, but it doesnt bother me it comes from a complete asshole/retard/no brainer/ a person who posses all the following attributes.

& hellos, i find absolute pleasure in laughing at your narcissism.
an apt definition of that from the dictionary would be,
"Erotic pleasure derived from contemplation or admiration of one's own body or self, especially as a fixation on or a regression to an infantile stage of development."
haha,erotic-a good word.

a subtle sign of revival.

XOXO,; 5:27 AM

Sunday, September 21, 2008;

im closing down in 3 days time.
so yeah, start counting down!picture taken during suntanning in sentosa.

kiss you goodbye.

XOXO,; 4:53 AM

Thursday, September 18, 2008;

cbox will be temporarily removed to cease the commotion for awhile. friends are abit worked up about it. : /
chill, girls.

hmm,but i really have no idea who chloe is. she made it sound as though i have identified her.zzz,whatever. but chloe is really a pretty name. i sure hope the person's face matches her name, then it'll really be beautiful. or else, i suggest she change her name to,er, jane. (okay, i dont know. jane is like plain jane,so yeah..)
might be changing cbox to haloscan if im continuing with this blog, which is highly UN-probable.

i already have a new blog to house all my entries, so i dont see a need to carry on with this blog. hmmm, ill probably hang on for a while more to decide. friends can ask for my new blog url.( i mean friends and not aquaintances.)


XOXO,; 6:03 PM

Monday, September 15, 2008;

i have a new blog somewhere else now, but im not going to link it from this blog.
so yeah.
this blog would be for really general stuffs & the other would be for personal stuffs.
ill still blog here, but certainly not as much as last time.

im not really in the right mood now.

ill come again when ive got the photos from sentosa outing with class girls.

XOXO,; 9:24 AM


Joyanne Ong
30 August 1990


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